Kangou is a Mexico City based start-up. It is an urban delivery platform based on Sharing Economy that encourages the use of bicycles to improve mobility in Latin American cities.

My role here was to design the Android application for regular customers. The idea of this version was to automatize logistics: anyone can place an order and it will be made by a biker.

The customer follows the scenario on the app:
– where to Pick-Up
– where to Drop-Off
– free to add any specific informations
It is a really simple scenario to be able to start the service. It was design with simplicity in mind and different scenarios where elaborate to be sure nothing was left behind and the app could run with the smallest amount of service, be able to generate money and with room to grow.

The brief was to design
– for iPhone 5 Screen – 640×1136 – 326 ppi
– for a Nexus 6 Screen – 1080×1920 – 445 ppi

Overall the project was interesting and succesfull. I know also on how to improve this design on some of the processes. As said before, it is a simple app, but I know how I would improve it to make things a bit more clear. Some details are a bit confusing and lack sense and can be easy improved.

I’ve used Illustrator, Photoshop and Sketch to generate this design.