Working at the HCFDC from 2009 to 2011, it was one of my mission was to create a website to gather all the in-house video production.

The most complex thing here is to have a website gathering hours of videos, between documentaries, reportages, or news.

This website was Devenciv TV, built using a CMS made by an specialised company in host videos. The key features were the continuous streaming service and the search engine of the website.

Defenciv TV was included in the rest of the guidelines of the new HCFDC website coming at the time. To keep this sense of belonging of this website, some of the elements of the menu are direclty linked to it.

This is the main page of when you arrive on the website. It made more sense to me to showcase the streaming service when you arrived on the website directly. As there is nothing more annoying than arriving on a website wit the sound on, I’ve disabled it by default on the AS3 Flash Player I’ve made to have better experience on the website. I left a button visible to activate the sound.
One of the main mission of the HFCDC is to inform. Therefore, I’ve create a distinct category showing the latest news the team of the company or partners covered. The main audience was keen to know where they’re going, so it made sense at the time to have a short description of the subject of each video before jumping into it.
This page exposes the cases covered by the HCFDC. Each cases car have different reportages in it. This design also use elements from the main website, with the adequate branding on it for a cohesive look.
Finally, one of the most important page was the one with the videos on it. I’ve added at first the full description of the video, but also some link to other content, to invite the user to discover other subjects.

Overall, the project was quite succesfull and it was interesting to develop a video library. I’ve managed the project from end to end, and developed every part of it. I’ve made the designs with Photoshop and the streaming video player with Flash and ActionScript 3.